Animation can help the viewer understand event relationships more clearly. If the jury needs to understand how a system or device operates, and it simply can not be replicated again physically, animation can be an invaluable tool in communicating your intended message or argument.

Mechanical anatomy of a typical automobile disc brake system

It was critical that the jury understood the components of a mechanical disc braking system. This 3D animation shows them the information our client's wanted to show without showing other components of the system that could generate unwanted confusion.

Patent infringement of medical catheter device

A unique task of animating a 3D object from patent art - no physical device had been manufactured so 3D animation was used in a Markman hearing, to illustrate the defendant's argument.


Bring The Jury

    Into Your Argument

Industrial plant had a catastrophic pipe failure due to a chemical additive to processed gases

We used a combination of 3D/2D animation to show how a pipe elbow deteriorated and highly toxic/flammable gases escaped the system.

Time lapse of a vehicles black-box data

In this 2D animation we needed to illustrate that the driver of the vehicle never decreased their speed before running through an intersection. We used expert data to plot the vehicles position on overhead mapping image while showing the black-box speed, brake pedal and throttle data.

Transformer fire starts film studio on fire

We needed to show a possible scenario that 2000˚ fluid from the transformer spewed onto the buildings skylight, during the night, starting the fire.

Buried propane line is "stretched" due to gas leak and explosion

We utilized a mix of 2D & 3D animation to demonstrate the damage to the copper gas line was a result of the explosion and not the cause.